Speaker: Sr. Pastor Kelly Fellows

Much Fruit

Joshuar Pumphrey

God made us to live a productive life. He told us to “BE FRUITFUL.” Jesus illustrates this principle with a picture of a grape vine. He is the vine and we are the branches. When we abide in Him we will produce MUCH FRUIT. Jesus … Read More

Juicy Fruit – Series Intro

James Younger

Since the beginning of time, humanity has been created to be extraordinary. God never intended for us to simply exist. God made us to live a productive life and “BE FRUITFUL.” The account of our beginning is found in Genesis 1. God’s command and instruction … Read More

Fertile Soil

James Younger

God’s Word is like seed planted in the heart of mankind. Fertile soil has the best conditions for fruitfulness. There are 3 ways to foster a fertile heart that results in seeing God’s promises come to pass in our lives: Tilling, Fertilizing, and Watering. In … Read More

The Thorns

James Younger

God’s Word is like seed planted in the heart of mankind. Soil full of weeds and thorns will choke out and hinder fruitfulness. The thorns of the heart are worry, fear, and doubt. But there are ways to combat the thorns for a fruitful life. … Read More

Hard & Rocky

James Younger

The human heart is like soil. God gives his Word, like seed, to produce life. A hard & rocky heart will hinder the affects of His Word. But there are ways to soften a hardened heart. In our continued exploration of Jesus’ parable found in … Read More

The Birds

James Younger

There are forces at work, on a daily bases, trying to keep people for experiencing the “fruitful” lives that God promises in His Word – The Bible.  When we get ahold of God’s Word, we need to hold on to it so it can take … Read More

The Seed

James Younger

“You will grow what you sow.” The parable Jesus teaches of the farmer who plants (sows) seed is a lesson that is relevant for our lives today. The seed represents God’s Word. If planted in our hearts, daily, will reap a harvest of life. In … Read More

The Tree

James Younger

Healthy roots lead to abundant fruit. This is true in pomology(study of fruit trees) and anthropology(study of human life). God created us to live a life that is“fruitful”like a tree. Our“roots”dictate the level of fruitfulness in our lives. Through out the Bible, God uses the tree as … Read More

Be Hope

James Younger

Once we are filled with HOPE, we have the responsibility to share or BE HOPE for our friends, family and community. Part 3 of Hope is Here speaks to the last question: We know where we get HOPE – We know how to stay HOPE-FILLED… what do we … Read More

Stay Hope Filled

James Younger

Once we are filled with hope, how do we stay hope filled? The examples of the shepherds in Luke 2 teach us how to stay hopefilled: 1. Lift our heads 2. Adjust our vision 3. Open our mouths Life’s pressures, demands and disappointments seem to … Read More