Speaker: Sr. Pastor Kelly Fellows

Beat The Heat

Joshuar Pumphrey

What do you do when you are in a crisis? Are you able to see beyond the pain to the big picture? Are you able to look to God for answers? When we go through crisis/pressure, God can work in and through these painful situation … Read More

When the heat is on (Part 1)

Joshuar Pumphrey

Have you ever felt the pressure of a deadline, the pressure of expectation at work, at home, or the pressure of peers? Pressure is real but doesn’t have to cause us to be shaken. When the “heat is on” we can look to God’s Word … Read More

Responding not Reacting

Joshuar Pumphrey

What do you do when somebody in authority asks you to violate your conscience, do something you know is wrong, do something you know would be disobedient to what God says to do? You need to know how to make an appeal. You need to … Read More

The Pressure Test

Joshuar Pumphrey

It has been said that when the “pressure” is on, whatever is on the inside will come out. It’s true. Pressure tests our character and integrity. In the same way that fire tests the integrity of metals, our character is tested daily. But when we … Read More

God Works Through The Shaking

Joshuar Pumphrey

Every day, we face a storm of challenges personally and as culture. But God is not unaware. He can and will work through the shaking to develop us into the person He has created us to be. It is a cliché but it is true: … Read More

Intro to Daniel

James Younger

Every day, we face a storm of challenges personally and as culture. It seems the values that create a healthy society have been turned upside down & inside out. Marriages, families and moral values are being “shaken”. But God gives us a way to live … Read More

Sharable pt. 2

Joshuar Pumphrey

God wants to bless you so that you can be a blessing. God wants to work in and through each person. He causes us to be Fruitful so that we can share that fruit with others. The same hope, peace and salvation that we find … Read More


Joshuar Pumphrey

God made us to “BE FRUITFUL” and He wants us to use the FRUIT we receive from Him in same way as FRUIT from trees. Our “FRUIT” is intended as spiritual food for others. For the nourishment of their very souls. It’s not meant to … Read More

Lift Up

Joshuar Pumphrey

God made us to“BEFRUITFUL.” He wants our lives to be productive and significant.  Jesus Christ emphasizes this through his teaching commonly referred to as“TheVine and the Branches” found in the Gospel of John Chapter 15. At times there is no fruit. But, Jesus give us … Read More


Joshuar Pumphrey

God made us to live a productive life. He told us to “BE FRUITFUL.” Jesus illustrates this principle with a picture of a grape vine. He is the vine and we are the branches. When we ABIDE in Him we will produce much fruit. If … Read More