Identity – "Salt and Light" with Jerrod Wagner

What does it mean to be salt and light? Why does Jesus talk about being salt and light? Pastor Jerrod shows us what Jesus meant by that teaching. And how being salt and light makes up the identity that God see us as who we … Read More

Identity – "We Are The Church" with Kelly Fellows

We are one body, but we are also the church. Jesus started building His church up this rock, whom he had named Peter. Through one person, Jesus began his ministry of BIG C church. Pastor Kelly shows us what being the church means, what it … Read More

Identity – "I Am Who He Say’s I Am" with Kelly Fellows


Names are one important way of identifying someone. Our names can bring honor, tell stories of legacy, our family history, and even our past. We take a look with Pastor Kelly, where Jesus gives Simon a new name in Peter. And the use of this … Read More

Identity – "Because He Is, I Am" with Kelly Fellows


We have a new series, and its on identity! Often, we base our identity on what other people’s opinions are of ourselves, even our past failures give way to molding our identity. Because of that, we tend to lack strong self-identity. But instead, our self-identity … Read More

Identity – "Jesus Says I Am" with Kelly Fellows


Who was Jesus? Who did Jesus say who He was? Pastor Kelly breaks down John, which contains every description of who Jesus say’s He was. Let’s take a look at the 7 “I am” states given by Jesus. Series: Identity: He Is, I Am, We … Read More

Benefits of God’s Word with Kelly Fellows


God is a star making God, that despite how finite we are, He see’s us as important. Three things we learn from understanding this, it builds confidence, strengthens faith, and fills us with joy. Pastor Kelly will show us the importance of God’s Word, and … Read More

Shine – "Peace" with Kelly Fellows


This week Pastor Kelly dives into the peace that Jesus gives. Another quality that we see shone from light, that we identify with during the Christmas holidays. He was known as the “Prince of Peace,” which brought a peace with, of, and because of God … Read More

Shine – “Joy”


Shine – “Joy” with Kelly Fellows by REFINERY Church