Unshakable Benefits

Is it possible to have the faith needed stand up for righteousness? It is when we remember that there are benefits and rewards to those who remain unshaken in their faith. Each day our convictions, integrity and faith are tested. But, when we pass those test by standing up for God’s Ways, we experinece blessings, deliverance and miracles.

Tests can help us to grow if we look for the benefits that come from pressing through and pressing on in faith. We learn from the OT Book of Daniel how to face challenges and take a stand for righteousness. In Chapter 6, we see that Daniel experienced 4-benfits from not compromising his values and beliefs, even in the face of of a life-and-death situation. The benefits we can experiences when we take a stand for God are: VICTORY OVER FEAR – STRONGER FAITH – MIRACLES – POSTIVE EXAMPLE TO OTHERS.

Sermon Details

August 10, 2019
Key Verse:
Daniel 6:13-23
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