Treasure Priorities

How we manage our resources, including finances, is a key indicator of a person’s priorities. Jesus says, where you place your treasure is where your heart will be. So putting God first in our finances, deomonstates our faith and trust in His provision

Stress is part of everyday life. One of the top stress issues is how we manage our finances. God gives clear instruction, in the Bible, how to manage, stewart, and care for the resources that results in lower stress and financial freedom. There are 5 principles from scripture, that when practiced diligently, will help each person experience financial blessing by inviting God into this important “heart” matter. Those 5 principles are: 1. Keep Good Records – 2. Plan Spending – 3. Return 10% to God – 4. Save For Future – 5. Enjoy What You Have.

Sermon Details

BUT FIRST: Prioritizing what matters most.
January 25, 2020
Key Verse:
Matthew 6:21