The Birds

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There are forces at work, on a daily bases, trying to keep people for experiencing the “fruitful” lives that God promises in His Word – The Bible.  When we get ahold of God’s Word, we need to hold on to it so it can take root, grow and thrive in our lives.
In our continued exploration of Jesus’ parable found in Mark Chapter 4, we discover that there is an adversary that is at work on a daily bases, striving to keep God’s Word from taking root in our heart and producing the fruit of joy, peace, etc. Jesus identifies this adversary and illustrates him as a bird who swoops down to steal seed before it can be established in soil. This teaching gives light to the importance of mediating on the Bible daily so that a person can be exactly who God says he/she can be.

Sermon Details

January 26, 2019
Key Verse:
Mark 4:15