Stay Hope Filled

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Hope Is Here
Once we are filled with hope, how do we stay hope filled? The examples of the shepherds in Luke 2 teach us how to stay hopefilled: 1. Lift our heads 2. Adjust our vision 3. Open our mouths
Life’s pressures, demands and disappointments seem to suck HOPE away like a candle with no oxygen. The flame of our life can seem to fade as quick as it ignited. So the question becomes, how can we stay hope-filled and keep the flame of our life burning bright. We see in the story of the shepherds found in Luke Chapter 2 that they demonstrate how to stay hope-filled even when the darkness presses in. They *Lifted their heads, then *readjusted their vision, then concluded by *opening their mouths by sharing the testimony of God’s miraculous works. We can learn by their examples how to stay hopeful on a daily basis.

Sermon Details

December 8, 2018
Key Verse:
Luke 2:8-14