Responding not Reacting

What do you do when somebody in authority asks you to violate your conscience, do something you know is wrong, do something you know would be disobedient to what God says to do? You need to know how to make an appeal. You need to know how to make your case by “responding not reacting.”

Proverb 22:29, “If you do your job well, leaders will notice and you will serve before kings.” In this podcast, Pastor Kelly explores the way Daniel responded to his authority when challenged to compromise his values and beliefs. He gives five practical ways that we can respond to the authorities in our own lives such as the teach, boss, or supervisor. Those five ways are: 1. Pause & Pray, 2. Build a Good =Reputation, 3. Take the Humble Route, 4. Don’t Decieve, 5. Choose Time-Place-Words.

Sermon Details

June 15, 2019
Key Verse:
Daniel 1:8-9

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