Promise of Holy Spirit

This weekend is significant to all followers of Jesus Christ because it is time that we look back at the birth of The Church through the out pouring of God’s Promise – The Holy Spirit – On the day we call Pentecost. In this message, Pastor Kelly explains the importance and relevance of God’s Holy Spirit. The promise of the Holy Spirit is a promise for the power to love people – the power to overcome addictions – the power to walk with faith instead of fear.

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Kids Teaching - Week 5

We have a great series Blueprints, for the whole family to do together! Each week includes a family lesson that parents can do with both preschool and elementary kids, as well as a video that will help kids learn to identify their emotions and respond to them in the way God wants!

Kids will see how to use the Blueprint of God’s Word to manage their feelings by following three steps:

  • Stopping to name the emotion they feel.
  • Looking at what is going on inside and around them to cause them to feel that way.
  • Listening to what God says about that feeling.

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Kids Teaching Videos

Sermon Details

May 30, 2020
Key Verse:
Act 2:1-4
Part of a Series:
Live at 5

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