Piercing The Darkness

Part of a Series:
The Light is Here

Christmas brings good news for anyone struggling with dark days. God doesn’t just want to chase away the darkness this Christmas – He wants to turn on the lights and pierce the darkness. The festivity of lights is the celebration of Jesus Christ who is “The Light of the World

Jesus Christ stepped out of eternity and came to earth to bring light to a dark world. We all face dark days. For many people, Christmas can magnify the pain of loss, hurt or brokenness But Christmas is not the problem. Christmas is God’s solution to our dark days. He ENCOURAGES when you face the darkness of DISAPPOINTMENT. He STRENGTHENS when you face the darkness of DISTRESS. He GUIDES when you face the darkness of DOUBT. He FILLS when you face the darkness of DEPRESSION.

Sermon Details

December 14, 2019
Key Verse:
John 8:12