Light of the World

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The Light is Here

Light is an amazing and essential component of life on earth. It was the “thing”, on earth, created by God. The benefits and qualities that we experience with physical light are the same things that we experience spiritually when we follow Jesus and make Him our Lord.

In the beginning of time, God created the heavens and earth and said “let there be light.” Later in the New Testament, Jesus declared Himself as “The Light of The World” – John 8:12. Light has amazing characteristics and qualities. Those same qualities of light can be seen in “the light of the world” (Jesus). The similarities are seen in the following: 1-“Light Reveals Truth”. 2-”Light Exposes Dirt”. 3-”Light Shows the Way”. At Christmas time we proclaim that the light is here. It is the reality and realization of Jesus Christ and the Hope He brings to a dark world.

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Sermon Details

December 7, 2019
Key Verse:
John 8:12