Lift Up

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Juicy Fruit
God made us to“BEFRUITFUL.” He wants our lives to be productive and significant.  Jesus Christ emphasizes this through his teaching commonly referred to as“TheVine and the Branches” found in the Gospel of John Chapter 15. At times there is no fruit. But, Jesus give us encouragement on how to get into a positon to bear“muchfruit.”
In this brief message, Pastor Kelly speak on an often misunderstood passage of scripture that reveals that God is not looking for a way to“cutyou off” or“cutyou out” if your life is seemly fruit-less. Instead we discover that God is looking for a way to clean and lift up each“branch”so that it can produce tons of fruit. This illustration helps us understand God’s heart and the way we can get“clean.”God’s desire is that we would experience His abundant life and be free from the“dirt”and“mud”that sometimes coats our hearts.

Sermon Details

April 3, 2019
Key Verse:
John 15:1-2