Intro to Daniel

Every day, we face a storm of challenges personally and as culture. It seems the values that create a healthy society have been turned upside down & inside out. Marriages, families and moral values are being “shaken”. But God gives us a way to live that promises a life above the chaos. No matter how bad things get in a rapidly changing world and even in a decaying culture…, He says, “I want you thrive.”

In this podcast, Pastor Kelly begins a series of messages that will give people tools they need to thrive even during times of uncertainty, insecurity, and unrest. The series examines the life of Daniel, from the Old Testament, who lived during a time when it was not popular to worship the One True God. He faced pressure, mistreatment and rejection, yet he experienced significant success even in the midst of turmoil. He demonstrated how to live with peace and confidence even when surrounded by chaos.

Sermon Details

May 18, 2019
Key Verse:
Daniel 1:1-8

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