Cost of Real Freedom

Independence Day 2020, the 246th birth celebration of The United States of America. On this day we pray – because today – the principles that our country was founded on are being tested.

Great sacrifices were made so that we could strive for “Life – Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. And tho many are able to experience those benefits, for some it’s like a distant dream. So we pray because our country is divided and hurting. We pray for healing, reconciliation and hope. But there is good news. Because the principles and the truth that we find in GOD’S WORD encourages us that real liberty (that is freedom) – is available to ALL. This message from Pastor Kelly gives hope that REAL FREEDOM is for everyone regardless of race, age, or gender; It transcends governments, culture and economics.

Sermon Details

July 4, 2020
Key Verse:
John 8:34-36
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